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A gift that made me fall in love...

When I turned 16 years old, my Nani (maternal grandmother) gave me a beautiful frame that she painted herself with the Ayah, “So which of the favours of your Lord will you deny”, from Surah Ar-Rahman, an Ayah which is repeated 31 times. I had read the Surah before many times. When my Nani gave it to me, I put it beside my bed, on my night table. First off, I loved that my Nani gave me something she created. She told me the translation in Urdu. Being born and raised in Canada, I did not learn Urdu in any structured way. I learned Urdu by listening and then some trial and error. I enjoyed learning new words. So she told me the translation in Urdu, “Toh tum apne rab ke kaun kaun se nimmitein jhootlao ge” and I fell in love with the Urdu word for blessing, “Nimat” for singular or “Nimatein” for plural. It became so powerful to me! Every night before going to bed, I would look at it and reflect upon all of the favours I received from Allah swt. Everytime I felt sad, I would open up the Qu’ran to Surah Ar-Rahman and read the whole Surah with translation. I fell in love with Surah Ar-Rahman as it brought me closer to Allah swt, and it changed my perspective on life for the better, Alhamdulillah. May Allah swt reward my Nani for passing on such beautiful reminders and love for Allah swt. Ameen! 

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